I am Leah Love and I produce LOVEly designs. I'm that person you ask to Photoshop a not so appealing image of yourself. I'm that friend you call when you need some snazzy original invitations for that party you're throwing. I'm the name you think of when you're in need of some amazing business cards.

My love for graphic design evolved from four years of studying web design & development. I am currently in my third year of college pursuing a BS in Graphic Design at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. I particularly enjoy creating logos and developing whole brands.

I am currently completely obsessed with hand lettering and brush calligraphy. However, my interest in user interface and user experience design is becoming just as enormous.


Everyone deals with problems differently. When I attack a new project I like to use the process LOVE.



My job as a designer is to not just make things pretty, but to communicate messages. Before I start anything, I must learn about my project. I conduct research following the basic 5 W's, Who, What, Where, When, and Why. This step is arguably the most important because the more knowledgeable I am about my subject, the more effective the message I am sending will be received.



After gathering information about my project, I start to organize all my thoughts. At this stage I make various lists and charts. I make connections and relationships between the parts from my research.



As I finish organizing my thoughts, I begin to visualize my ideas. This is when the thoughts in my head become tangible pieces onto paper.



Finally, through multiple roughs and tests, I execute my final decision. At this stage I complete a project in its entirety.