headshot of Leah Love

My name is Leah Love and I produce LOVE-ly designs.

After reading endless amounts of manga and watching countless series of anime, I was determined at a young age that I was going to become a comic book artist and animator. In an effort to start working toward my dream I felt the best way to go about it was to study video game design. Worried at the sound of “game”, my mom suggested I go into web design instead. Disappointed at first, I kept an open mind. Little did I know my love for graphic design evolved from four years of studying web design and development. I am recently obtained my B.S. in Graphic Design & Media at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (Class of 2018!). Although design is my main focus, I also dabble with code (like this very site you’re looking at)! When I’m not designing I’m dancing competitive hula with the award winning group Nani Ola Hawaiian Dance Company.